Law Of Arraction Tips

Tip Number 1:


Attitude counts in so many ways in your life. Therefore, if you are truly committed to changing the quality of your life for the better, maintaining a positive outlook is a must. Generally, if you have a positive attitude towards life, you will notice more and more people will want to be associated with you. You will also start noticing some major positive transformations in your life. You need to maintain that positive outlook and attitude even if things do not seem to be working out in your life, this is the true key to mastering the power of the universe. It’s easy to think positively when everything is great in your life. Ideally, the essence of a positive outlook is to prepare you for the better things to come because you will already be living your life with an abundant frame of mind. You need to be able to see more good than bad in life so you will be better placed when great things start happening to you. This is also a great cure from stress. DONT WORRY BE HAPPPY

Tip Number 2:


Making a mental picture is another technique that you need to employ. You should not just focus on today and the here and now, be a visionary, look into your own future. See your life in a totally different perspective. Try to picture yourself driving those expensive cars, being financially healthy, being your ideal weight and sharing your life with your perfect partner. By doing this and really feeling like you are in the moment you will help bring together the necessary resources, positive vibrations and energy that will help your dreams come to fruition.

A vision board is another great way to help keep yourself in a positive frame of mind. You can make one on your computer with images of the things you desire or do it the old fashion way and cut out pictures from magazines and pin them to a board. Either way a picture says a thousand words when it comes to keeping your mind on track.

Tip Number 3:


This is one of the most critical elements but most people get this simple step wrong. It is not enough to chant “I will get rich, I will get rich” 20 times a day and then go about your business. You need to BELIEVE, that is why you must create your own affirmations that are believable for you. Your sub-conscious mind cannot be tricked no matter what you are saying, if you truely don’t belive that those things can happen then they wont.

It may also help to put down in writing everything you want to achieve in life because this is a physical act (writing) it can have a great impression on your sub-concious. Affirmations also take on great power when spoken rather than just thought about, I personally find the louder the better, this can be hard initially as in our modern ”zombie” like state we find it hard to truly express ourselves especially by shouting out aloud, we get embarrased even when on our own, this is not a natural way to be. Sometimes a booming shout or scream can be a great release valve from the stresses of life. In the end if you are comfortable enough to say (or scream) your goals loudly, you can achieve them. The basic thing is to believe, and in this case, believe in yourself. Everything in life is achievable if only you can believe, dream and stick with your dream to see it come to life.

Tip Number 4:


This is another critical and essential ingredient of the law of attraction. Success is all about maintaining focus. We know only too well that life is short (about 1000 months at best) and that time doesn’t wait for anyone. So why waste time living a life you are unhappy with, your past actions and beliefs have brought you to this point, it is time for radical change, throw the rule book out of the window. As long as your goals are realistic, measurable and you have the true desire, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving the best things in life. You must ensure that are not distracted by the various things going on in your life at any given time. In essence, the more focused you are in life, the more chances you have of achieving the best outcomes. If you believe that you were born with the right to a life of freedom and happiness and that success will be part of your life, then there is nothing that can derail that from becoming your true destiny.

Tip Number 5:


Modern life has many challenges. There will be many unpleasant issues that you will have to handle throughout your life. With all the many commitments in our lives, you might not be able to achieve all of your daily goals. Don’t get dispondant , just narrow down your scope and focus on certain elements that are critical to you and then work towards achieving just them until time and your mindset allows you to look at the big picture again. Once you have decided where you really want to be then you can make use of affirmations and most of all remain focused in all your ambitions, then there will be nothing that you cannot achieve. It all narrows down to one element and that element is commitment. Once you have all your strategies properly defined, you can then start working towards achieving your goals. It does not really matter whether you are fast or slow; the law of attraction is always working, so as long as you are progressing, you are heading in the right direction.

Finally, you need to love yourself if you want other people to love you. Love is the foundation that all the other laws are based on, they cannot exist without Love, be open and let the world surprise you. You can only achieve the best if you believe in yourself.

All of the above law of attraction tips are very critical but filling your life with Love is the most important lesson. This is not just love for another person in the traditional sense, this also means a love of your life, your circumstances, your work as well as family & friends of course.

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Remember, all decisions are made in an instant. Our deliberations that lead up to a decision may take any amount of time but the decision itself is made instantaneously.

So decide today to have the attitude you need to attract money and you will have taken the first step to attract it.