Your emotions and spirituality

may be your greatest gifts and are one and the same

Emotions and spirituality, how do they relate to each other? Well you may have never asked that question and until recently neither did I. I believe there is a direct correlation however.

Our emotions and spirituality are gifts

Even what you may consider negative emotions are gifts. After all the only difference between anything positive and negative is a judgment and as human beings we always have the option to change our minds.

If we try to be logical for a minute and think about it, there is no explanation for emotions. From a scientific point of view they serve no purpose apart from things like the fight or flight response which is little more than a reflex.

What I am addressing here is our higher emotions like love, compassion, joy and even laughter. What is laughter if not one of the greatest gifts given to us as human beings? There is no scientific explanation for it either.

How do you define a sense of humor? This is where emotions and spirituality blend. Most of us would like to have a spiritual experience if asked. Most of us would also describe it as some magical moment in our lives which changes everything.

I would also guess that the majority of us would expect it to come in the form of some vision, sudden realization, moment of ecstasy, peak experience, etc. We may consider it to be beyond us to some degree because we sometimes feel unworthy.

In that regard I would like to make a statement that suggests that we are all worthy all of the time. Our emotions are spiritual experiences! We all have emotions and we have learned to take them for granted.

But what are they if not spiritual experiences? Because they are commonplace we tend to ignore our emotions and the incredible spiritual gift that they are. Why not consider that our emotions and spirituality are one and the same? I am particularly grateful for laughter.


Feeling loved

Consider laughter the gratest gift of all

The act of laughing is like telling the universe that in a particular moment everything in your life is absolutely perfect.

It is like surrendering to a higher power and letting go of everything. Laughter is abandoning your cares and worries at least temporarily and being at one with yourself, anyone you may be laughing with and the universe. It is something we are all capable of and most of us enjoy on a regular basis.

So why does something that is commonplace have to be taken for granted? We are all spiritual beings having a human experience not the other way around so why not realize it and treat every emotion as the miraculous gift that it is.

As far as we know we humans are the only creatures on our planet with the ability to laugh. Animals may or may not have some of the emotions we do but laughter appears to be unique. Treasure it and your other emotions, however you judge them.

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Our natural nature is joy

Think of babies and how the world is full of wonder, laughter and pure joy for them. As long as their basic needs are met they are the most joyous beings on our planet.

What more proof do we need than the perfection of our own offspring when they first arrive? They are amused by the tiniest and simplest things and they smile at you with complete abandon and non-judgement.

As the ancient Sufi mystic Rumi once put it: Sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment. I interpret this to mean that we may all like to emulate babies and look at the world through innocent eyes once again.

There is no need for any of us to be right or clever or display any of our
ego driven desires to each other. We only have to concentrate on being the best person we know how to be today and we can do this by maintaining a state of awe about everything we experience.

If you want a spiritual experience you don’t have to look far or make a lot of effort. All you have to do is be joyful, creative, laugh, love and remember who you were meant to be, a perfect expression of eternal love having a human experience