Seeing the Big Picture

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “The Big Picture.” But what does it mean to you? How big is your picture? Can you change your ideas about it?

Well if it helps I would like to share with you my idea of the Big Picture. I’ll start with my definition of what it means and how I see it.

see past our immediate circumstances

Learn to see the Big Picture and you won’t sweat the small stuff.

Seeing the big picture, is our ability to see past our immediate circumstances. How far can we each step back and take a bigger view of our lives, the world, or even our universe. We all view the world through our own eyes.
By this I mean that each of us has learned to see things the way we do through our experiences, upbringing and possibly even our genes.

The Big Picture has certainly changed for me over the years. It is significantly different for me today than it was years ago and I believe my view of it is more helpful to me and others now than ever.

It is also how we each identify ourselves. For instance, are you identified by your race, religion, color, sex, heritage, name, country, etc? There are so many ways to identify oneself.

Perhaps a good way of settling our thoughts about the Big Picture is to expand our view of it. In other words make it bigger than you may have thought possible.

Start with your imagination

Imagine yourself on a crowded street, somewhere in New York City for instance. There is activity all around you, people rushing everywhere, traffic, noise and general chaos.

Now imagine yourself on the top of the Empire State Building and looking down on the scene you were involved in just moments ago.

How does it appear now? Less busy? Less noisy? Less chaotic? The scene is the same, only your perspective has changed. You have removed yourself from it.

Now look around yourself on the top of the building. There are people everywhere there too. All struggling for a good view. Each with his own purpose for being there.

This scene too could easily cause you distress if you allow it. We all have our purpose to fulfill and many of us consider our individual purpose more vital than that of anyone else.

Now remove yourself from the Earth completely and imagine the view of it as if you were standing on the moon by yourself. How’s that for a new perspective?

From here the Earth is as beautiful and peaceful as it has ever been. From this view we are all one. No evidence of war, poverty, hunger or any of man’s other perceived problems.

Albert Einstein
the big picture quotes

That is what I call the Big Picture

Simply put, it’s the ability to see past all our petty distinctions of identity and all the ridiculous disagreements they cause.

It’s the ability to see ourselves not as the Human Race which implies there is something to win, but rather Human Beings which requires us only to be.

Further to that we could include all life on our wondrous and magnificent planet and treat everyone and everything as one. We may choose to think of the Earth as a single living organism like the cells in your body.

All of us realize of course that to hurt any cell in our body harms the whole body. We can apply the same to the Earth. To harm any part of it is to affect the whole.

To put it another way I refer to a terrific quote that is supposed to originate from the Native Americans.

“No tree has branches so foolish as to fight among themselves.”

Conversely to help someone else is to help all of us

If you choose to believe any of this than you see it is your responsibility to uplift yourself and consequently others.

The more you include everyone as part of your family the more they will behave like it. There is no need for separation of any kind between us.

So my suggestion to you would be to see yourself and everyone else as Human Beings. There is no need for further distinction.

If we can all do this then we will all see the Big Picture. Just imagine the kind of world that we could achieve!