Live without your ego

and witness all of your life change for the better

Your ego as well as those belonging to all of us are better controlled and if possible eliminated. As with many other things there are several definitions for it but for our purposes we will use the following one.

It is someone’s sense of self. It is what you think about yourself and your importance.

An egocentric thought is one that tells you that you should be insulted, offended, outraged, angry, hurt, etc.

Where dose emotions come from?

All emotions come from thought and all thought comes from you and only YOU. If any of that thought is causing you pain or negative feelings then it comes from your self-pride.

There is an excellent acronym for ego which I take directly from my mentor Wayne Dyer. He likes to say that E.G.O. stands for Edging God Out and I can’t say it any better than that.

Self-admiration is wanting or taking credit for things, even things that may have nothing to do with you. How I interpret what Wayne means by this is that when we look for approval in others we are forgetting that we are all connected.


That connection has nothing to do with what we think of ourselves and in fact you are most connected to others when you let go of your self-importance.

If you have been to a sporting event or music concert that you have enjoyed and felt the communal sense of well being among others there then you have experienced the sense of connection that negates your own self-admiration.

To put it a different way when you are truly connected to others or to your source then you have no need for your own self-worth. It becomes redundant and unnecessary.

The point is that you or I do not need the approval of others when we are all connected to the source or oneness of the universe. We can all take credit or none of us can.

This isn’t to say that when somebody congratulates you for something or gives credit to you you have to deny it. The idea here is that you don’t need it or go looking for it.

The irony to this of course is that the more you don’t go looking for approval the more it is thrust upon you. The same applies to many things. The minute you stop needing something the more of it comes into your life.

Please don’t be discouraged if this whole concept of getting rid of your self-pride is hard to conceive. The idea of banishing it completely may be more than many of us are capable of.

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