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The Universal Law of Attraction states:
We attract whatever we choose to give our attention to–whether wanted or unwanted.

Most of the time, we attract by ‘default’ rather than by deliberate choice. We just sort of go through our day, focusing on problems that need to be solved or on things that did not feel good nor seem right. In so doing, we are actually creating more problems, more of what does not feel good and more of what does not seem right.

mentors list

bob proctor

Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor is one of my favorite mentors. Bob use his method and helping people create prosperity and greater spiritual awareness through the law of attraction.
I defiantly recommend Bob's programs  

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is by far the best motivational speaker that i came across. in many times it was Tony Robbins who got me out of my bad thinking patterns
and put me in a DOING stage.
Tony its using the body to create a mind state that taking you to the next level.

napoleon hill

Napoleon Hill

The author of the master peace "Think and Grow Rich". Napolean Hiil have a unique and profound way on teaching how to get rich in all area's of life. His books are a must.

Aryana Rollins

Aryana Rollins

After reading the book “How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast” by Stuart Lichtman. I was searching the web to find someone that will coach me and will help me understand the method behind the book. It was then when I came across Aryana K. Rollins. 
With her beautiful approach, she taught me the method with a full Intention on connecting to my higher self to get the best results.

Wallace Delois Wattles

Wallace D Wattles

The Author of the book "The Science of Getting Rich". Wallace Wattles is a little man with a beautiful book. i came across this book a long time ago, in his book
Wallace Wattles claim to find a universal law that can bring you anything you want. from time to time i still pick up this book and enjoying it.

Stuart Lichtman

Stuart Lichtman

Stuart Lichtman is the athour of the book "how to get lots of money fast for anything fast". the book got in my hand and with a name like this
i just had to read it! Stuart Lichtman developed a method called "Cybernetic Transposition". That amazing method work with your subconscious mind
and creating things that you cann't even imagin possible

With the help of Aryana Rollins i've created wonderful things in my life.

Robert Anthony

Dr. Robert Anthony

Dr Robetr anthony: its was many years ago since i discover Dr. Robert anthony's work. It was winter time and i recall struggling with my life.
(I always felt that there's
something that i miss understand) and trying to figure out how the universe works.

i was on my computer surfing the web when i came across an article speaking about
the "power of our thoughts". that was an article written by Dr. Robert Anthony.

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy

Life by design and the Secret of Deliberate

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